Know More About Us

We are based out of Singapore and have been into the trading of various commodities. Our company was established in 2014 and has been in the business since then. Our board of members has been always trying to develop and promote as much possible towards environment-friendly products, this includes organic farming, kinetic energy, and electric cars.

We moved to Baku, Azerbaijan, and opened our sister concern here to promote electric vehicles. We find this country very promising to promote these kinds of vehicles in the market. As per our study, the country promotes eco-friendly variants for power as well as cars.

The government of Azerbaijan has taken steps to promote eco-friendly vehicles by introducing a large fleet of electric "London" taxis in the country.


Joint Venture

Our channel partners in the country are the largest state-owned oil company called “SOCAR” and its subsidiary called SOCAR PETROLEUM.

They have extended their support in this and provided us with 36 outlets for display, service, and sales points all over the country. They are also putting charging stations to all their fuel stations and providing work stations and café for the clients who would come to charge their vehicles there.

Further to this government has removed major import duty on such vehicles and wants its citizens to use more eco-friendly alternatives in vehicles.